Living in The More

May 19

Did you know, you are living in the “more”. Let’s explain what that means. In Romans 8:35-39, the Apostle Paul proclaims and declares, "Who can separate us from the love of God?" Paul said that he and those accompanying him faced death all day long, but that they were more than conquerors - in all those things through Him who loves us. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. What are you facing right now? What do you need in your life? Listen to this message to find out what it means to "live in the more".

Relationship Goals #4: Parenting

May 12

We’re continuing our Relationship Goals series and exploring different relationship dynamics for marriages, singles, business and more. In this powerful and to the point message we cover the parenting relationship.  Lean in as Dr Dave teaches us the 6 things we owe our children.  These timeless principles will give your children a strong foundation for the future.

Relationship Goals #3: House Divided

May 5

We’ve been in a series called “Relationship Goals”, exploring the reality that no one enters a relationship expecting for it to fall apart. Yet, we’ve all experienced brokenness and dysfunction.

Why is it we want one thing but get another? This series is meant to help us avoid painful pitfalls in our relationships that matter most. Today, Coach explores Abraham’s MARRIAGE misstep in a message called, “House Divided”.

Relationship Goals: A Panel Discussion

April 28

We continue our collection on #RelationshipGoals today with a special panel discussion. Our location pastors and their wives bring a thought provoking and transparent conversation that will challenge you in your own relationships. Listen now.

Relationship Goals #2: Rules to Avoid Dysfunctional Dating

April 21

Dr. Dave continued with our new collection of messages called #RelationshipGoals today with one for those in the singles season. Listen to the message and learn a solid framework for building long-term relationships. Remember, if you can improve your relationships, you can improve your life.

Relationship Goals #1: RelationSlips

April 14

Dr. Dave is starting a new series - Relationship Goals. Listen to today’s message, RelationSlips, and find out 4 areas that may be impacting your most important relationships and what you can do about it starting now.

WDJD - Baptism

April 7

Listen to todays message as Dr. Dave helps us understand the importance of baptism. Are you a believer? Have you been water baptized following your salvation or recommitment? Learn what may be keeping you from taking this step in following Jesus.

Easter 2024

March 31

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to raise the dead things in your life. In this message Dr Dave teaches us that Easter is not just something to be celebrated, but it is something to be experienced. Find out how you can experience the power of Easter in your life today.

The Rocks Will Cry Out

March 24

Don’t let a rock take your role. In this Palm Sunday message, Dr Dave teaches us not to waste our worship on things that don’t matter but to express it to the One who gave His life for us. If you don’t cry out, the rocks will do it ... and you don’t want a rock to take your role. #RockandRole

Bring Your Peeps. Pt. 2

March 17

There is power in the invitation. Today, Ps Dave deconstructed the process of inviting someone to church and issued a challenge to us.  Don’t hesitate. Just do the thing! Listen to  todays sermon to get you ready to invite your peeps for the next three big weekends.

Bring Your Peeps

March 10

Do you know what it feels like to be invited, to be wanted, to be asked to belong? Are you prepared to invite people to church where they can get to know God? Listen to today’s message and find out how to employ the power of invitation.

All About Jesus, Pt. 6

March 3

WDJD- What Did Jesus Do continues as Dr Dave shows  us that we are all equipped and called to GO and DO what Jesus did.  Are you available?  Listen Now!

All About Jesus, Pt. 4

February 18

Dr Dave is continuing our series “All About Jesus”. This week we learned what happens when Jesus shows up.   When He shows up the atmosphere changes. When He shows up He brings joy and peace. When Jesus shows up He forgives sin.  Listen to today’s message for more of what happens when Jesus shows up!

Super Sunday

February 11

Sometimes our faith and walk with God can look a lot like football. From working together as a team, to the strategies behind every move, and learning how to outplay your opponent. It all connects to the reality of life as believers and being a part of the body of Christ, which is the church. Listen to today's Super Sunday messages to learn more.

All About Jesus, Pt. 3

February 4

Jesus asked his disciples two questions. “Who do men say that I am?” and “Who do you say that I am?” What will you say when these two questions are asked of you? Learn more in today’s message “All About Jesus Pt 3.

All About Jesus, Pt. 2

January 28

There’s one thing you should know… Jesus loves you and is for you. He is the only one who can give purpose and meaning to your life. He is your source of joy, peace and love. Take this journey with us as we declare “Jesus More in 24” and listen to today’s message.

All About Jesus

January 21

Easily, one of the greatest challenges for anyone who is following Christ is the fact that your relationship is based on the pages of scripture instead of face to face interactions with a person. In our “All About Jesus” series, we will introduce you to who Jesus was and who He is. Watch this video for today’s introduction to what Jesus says about himself and what that means for you.

Dealing with Anxiety

January 14

Did you know you do not have to live with anxiety? In today’s message, Pastor Chris Hodges shares his experience with anxiety, the results of his own research on depression and anxiety, and the effectiveness of what God revealed to him as he applied what he learned to his own life. Listen to the message to find out what God has for you today. 

Countdown To More

Jan. 7

We believe that God will do far more than we could ask, think or imagine in 2024! Jesus came so that we could have life and life abundantly (John 10:10). There are ten ways that we can have more in our life this year. We can begin to believe more, give more, expect more and seek Jesus MORE! Listen to this message to learn how…

Countdown To More

Dec. 31

At Motor City we have declared FAR MORE in '24. In order to get there, we did our countdown to more. Watch this message to learn more about the 10 things you need to do access all that God has for you in the new year.

The Miracle of a Word

Dec. 31

When God speaks a word, it has miracle working, revolutionary and supernatural power. No matter what you might be walking through, God is active and when we allow Him to speak into our lives, we see miracles unfold. Let’s walk into this new year knowing that what God has spoken will come to pass!

Change of Plans

Dec. 24

We all make plans for our lives, but there are times where things just don’t go to plan. Mary and Joseph had plans. They were to get married, have a family, build a life together, but then Mary had an encounter with God and her entire life changed. No matter what we face, we know this truth - We don’t have to understand the plan to trust that God has a purpose. God is for us, he has a purpose for our lives and wants the best for us. Listen to this message to learn more… 

My Hope

Dec. 17

When we hope, we have optimism, we have perseverance and we have expectation. We are able to keep believing even when the odds are against us.  When everything seems hopeless, we can rely on what God has said and keep the faith. If God said it, I believe it and that settles it. If you have lost hope this year or even this week, let this message encourage you today.

IMagINe Sunday

Dec. 10
Each year at Motor City Church, we come together to make a difference in our home, our backyard and our world. This is an incredible weekend as we give back and IMAGINE what we could do together! We are better together. Listen to this message to learn more… 

Heart For The House, Pt. 3

Dec. 3

Each of us have unique gifts and talents that God has given us, but they aren’t for is to keep for ourselves. They are meant to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. As we continue to come together and serve, give and encourage, we will see the world impacted by the presence of God. We are better together!

Heart For The House, Pt. 2

Nov. 26

In Gods kingdom there is no such thing as an insignificant life. Every person has a gift. Every person has a purpose. Every person was designed by God to a solve a problem and bring him Glory. Just because you might not see your significance doesn’t mean it’s not there. You don’t need a platform. God has plan for you. Watch this message and be encouraged today!

The Generosity Advantage

Nov. 19

What does it look like to win in life? Winning in life is living life generously. The bible says that the world of the generous gets larger and larger. Living a generous life means that you can live life boldly, intentionally and full of God’s blessing.  

Vision Sunday 2023

Nov. 12

We have been able to accomplish so much over the last year. Through your generosity, we have partnered with organizations all over the world like Keep a Girl in School in Uganda or Well Drilling with Integrity International in Guatemala. Our vision for 2024 is to know God more and to go farther than we have before. Watch this message to learn how…

Damaged But Still Deliverable

Nov. 5
No matter what your past looks like, God has a future for you. We’ve all been hurt, we all have scars, we all have things that have disabled us, but those things do not determine who we are. God loves you, he accepts you and today, there is a seat for you at His table. Will you accept the invitation? 


Nov. 5

As children of God, we are called to be Uncommon. To have an uncommon attitude, an uncommon perspective on relationships and every thing we approach in this life. We are a royal priesthood, a peculiar people the bible tells us. Let's live like it! Listen to his message to be encouraged today!

Heaven On Earth, Pt. 5

Oct. 29

Everybody in this world needs God, they need to experience His presence on this earth and it comes through YOU! God is calling us to bring heaven to earth through loving others, serving others and pursuing the calling that He has placed on our lives. The goal is not getting to heaven, but helping to make heaven accessible to everyone on the earth.

Heaven On Earth, Pt. 4

Oct. 22

God wants you to have dreams for your life, to have your desires met and for you to have hope for the future. No matter your age, you are never too old or too young for God to use. To live like heaven on Earth, we have to commit ourselves to God’s will and His word. It’s time to let go of our thoughts and lean into God. We can trust God because He will never fail us. Watch this message to learn how. 

I Need A Word

Oct. 15

God does not play CATCH UP. You may think that because some bad things are happening to you then something good must be coming. The reality is, you are already blessed and enemy trying to stop you. Just like the roman centurion who had faith enough to believe word he got from Jesus, we need to trust the word that God is speaking over us today. We can have Heaven on Earth if just believe the truth of God's word!

Castaway Or Calling

Oct. 15

God has made us in His image. We are made to be operate like Heaven on the earth, but we need God working within us to fulfill our heavenly purpose. God will often allow the breaking of thing, to be the thing that carries us into our calling. Don’t allow your circumstances, your hurts, your pain to stop you. It’s time to step into your calling. It’s time to live like heaven on earth!

Heaven On Earth, Pt. 3

Oct. 8

Everyday we have choices to make. We can choose God’s to listen to God’s voice or the voice of the world. In order to live like heaven on earth, we must allow the truth of God’s word to guide our life and choose to listen to what His truth says over what our circumstances says. Don’t allow your circumstances to determine your beliefs. Through Jesus, you have access freedom, healing, blessings and life abundantly. You can live heaven on earth! 

Raising Parents

Oct. 1
The most valuable gift we have is our children and our families. Pastor Jonathan teaches on the importance of how to have a vision for your family, how to prophecy over them and how to lead your family to become more like Christ. Whether you're single, married, a grandparent or waiting to become a parent - No matter what stage of life you are in, this message is for YOU!

Heaven On Earth, Pt. 2

Sept 24
God's plan for your life is greater than you can imagine. But do you believe it? We can't allow what our circumstances look like to determine our outlook on life. God will never ask you to do something that you don't have the ability to do. He has plans to prosper us and so, he won't ever set us up for failure. What areas in your life are you allowing to block God's vision for your life? Watch this message to learn more. 

You Are Anointed

Sept 17

The key to figuring out your anointing, is to learn about the one who anoints you. Who is Jesus to you? We must learn to listen and trust God. Lean into the Holy Spirit and allow His anointing to take is to the next level.

Heaven On Earth

Sept 10

We don’t have to wait until get to heaven to experience. We can experience heaven on earth. God desires that each of our lives would be prosperous, healthy and filled with joy. And just like a seed, God has placed his good and perfect will inside of you. tune into this message to learn more!

we create long lasting relationships that enrich who we are and help us to reach our God called destinies. 


Sept 3

Connecting with people is not easy, but it's vital to a successful christ centered walk.  It lends itself to accountability and building strength. By connecting with a small group of people we create long lasting relationships that enrich who we are and help us to reach our God called destinies. 

The Value of Some

Sept 3

What if everything you’ve been believing for is just right around the corner? Everything you’ve been looking for can be found in Jesus. It’s time for us to let go of our control and trust God. Jesus’ plans for our lives are better than we could think, imagine or ask for. 

Pray More, Pt. 4

Aug 27
Have you ever started to pray, but don't really know what to say? Prayer can often seem like a  chore or an obligation, but prayer is an opportunity to be closer to our heavenly Father. The truth is, God has never moved from us and so prayer is a way for us to move closer to God. Watch this message to learn how.

Pray More, Pt. 3

Aug 20
It's not always about how you pray, but how long you keep believing. Persistent prayers tests our desires and causes us to rely on God's timing. Praying persistent prayers reminds us of the power that God has deposited within us. With God, it is never a question of whether he can work it out. It's always a question of can we wait it out? Watch this message to learn more.

The Tabernacle & Prayer

Aug 13
Prayer is creating a space where God’s presence is welcome. Many of us take lists to the grocery store or the hardware store, but do we take a list with us when we pray? The tabernacle prayer gives us an outline to follow when we pray. We start prayer with praise, reflect on our salvation and renewal through Christ and we worship God for who He is. Watch this message to learn more!

The Tabernacle & Prayer

Aug 13
Prayer is creating a space where God’s presence is welcome. Many of us take lists to the grocery store or the hardware store, but do we take a list with us when we pray? The tabernacle prayer gives us an outline to follow when we pray. We start prayer with praise, reflect on our salvation and renewal through Christ and we worship God for who He is. Watch this message to learn more!

Pray More

Aug 6
Do you have confidence when you pray? 1 John 5:14-15 says, “If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.” The key to praying more isn’t trying harder, it’s believing more. Watch this message to learn how to pray more confident prayers. 

Finish His Work

July 30
Whether you know it or not, you are a witness of Jesus! Each of us are called to be a witness, we are called to save the lost. We tend to talk with others about sports or our family, but are we willing to talk with them about Jesus? Watch this message to learn how we can finish God's work and see the lost saved in our city, our nation and in the world!

How To Make The Rest Of Your Year, The Best of Your Year, Pt. 3

July 23

What are you expecting for the rest of the year? Our expectations set the far for what we will receive. Your expectation’s matter. If you want to make the rest of your year the best of your year.. It is time to set some new expectations. Not on our external circumstances, but setting the expectation that what God said, he will do! Listen to this message to learn how. 

I'm With The Band

July 16

Who you are with matters. Who you are with determines what you have access to. Jesus has made himself accessible to us and through him we have access to healing, hope, peace, freedom. This access isn’t just on Sunday at church. It is for your Monday meetings, for your kid’s soccer match on Wednesday, for your doctor’s appointment on Friday. In every moment, Jesus is with you. 

Make the Rest of Your Year, The Best of Your Year

July 9

Do you want to make the rest of your year the best it can be? This message will teach you some practical ways to set the next few months up for success. The best year starts when we spend time writing the miracles God is doing, to obey His voice and to raise our expectations of what God can do. No matter what the past few months have looked like for you, God can turn it around. 

Make the Rest of Your Year, The Best of Your Year

July 2
No matter what the first few months of this year have looked like for you, you still have the opportunity to make the rest of your year, the BEST of your year. In order to make it the best of your year, you will have to let go of the past and look forward to what is in store. Don't let yesterday rob you of tomorrow, there is a new day on the horizon! Watch this message to learn the key principles of how to forget the past, remember the faithfulness of God and value all that we have been given. Let's make the rest of this year, the best of the year!

Humility, Pt.2

June 25

Humility is not letting people walk over you or living at the bare minimum, it is recognizing that everything we are, everything we have and everything we do comes from God. Everyday we have the choice to point people to God. When we humble ourselves, God will exalt us. Tune into this message to learn how live a humble life. 


June 18

Philippians 2:13 says “For it is [not your strength, but it is] God who is effectively at work in you, both to will and to work [that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in you the longing and the ability to fulfill your purpose] for His good pleasure.” Happy Father’s Day! Dads, be encouraged. Faith doesn’t make things easier. It makes them possible. Your past doesn’t define you but rather prepares you. The lid on your life will always be the mirror. Don’t go through it. Grow through it.

We Are Better Together!

June 11

We are truly Better Together! Today marked the start of an amazing new chapter in the life of Motor City Church as we welcome Royal City Church into our family. We are excited to see what God has in store for Motor City Church. As Coach Dave always says, our next days our our best days!

The Power of Humility

June 4

Pride draws attention to ourselves, humility points people to God. Being humble doesn’t mean you allow people to walk over you or being less than others. Humility is an attitude that everything we have comes from God and so everything that we do points people to God. Listen to this message to learn more about the power of humility and how to apply it to your life. 

God's Plan

May 28

It’s easy to show God the things that are good in our life, but in order to see God’s plan come to life, we have to be willing to surrender and consecrate everything to Him. The good and the bad. What God has placed on the inside of you is greater than what is on the outside of you and it is time to stop stepping over the problems that God has asked us to be the solution to. God has a plan for your life, watch this message to learn more!

Angry Jesus, Pt. 4

May 21

What made Jesus mad? We’ve found that most of Jesus’ moments of righteous anger came from church people, people stuck on religion. It is so easy to get caught up in judging others and their problems. But, Jesus loves us and he doesn’t judge us. He forgives us and says, “Go and sin no more.” Watch this message to learn how to let go of our judgements and pick up God’s grace.

Angry Jesus, Pt. 3

May 14

Jesus came and died so that everyone could have access to God. What made Jesus mad was when people blocked access to God due to our human rules and regulations. Jesus says the greatest command is to love your neighbor, to love God and love those around you. We can’t do one without the other. Watch this message to learn how we can better love those around us. 

Angry Jesus, Pt. 2

May 7

What made Jesus mad? What ignited his righteous anger? Well, we found that it was people who blocked others from accessing God. When Jesus died, He died so that everyone could have access to God. The problem is when our rules or traditions stop people from getting to God. Jesus is more interested in people, not rules. Watch this message on Angry Jesus to learn how to remove our legalistic tendencies and grow in our grace, love and help for others.

Angry Jesus

April 30

Everyone knows Jesus as nice and compassionate. Maybe you imagine him as the smiling Jesus with the lamb on his shoulder. But, Jesus wasn't always happy and he wasn't always nice. So, what made Jesus mad? Throughout the bible, it wasn't the prostitutes or the sinners that made Jesus mad, it was the church people. Jesus died so that all people could have access to him, and our job as the Church is to provide access to God despite your past or your qualifications! Tune into this message now.

Wake Up!

April 23

What happens in the natural is often affected by something spiritual. Even though we may face certain situations in our life but we must remember to remain spiritually equipped. Maybe your life looks good on the outside, but spiritually you are drained. Tune into this message to learn how refresh your spiritual walk. 

The Right Ingredients

April 23

In order for change to happen in your life, you have to be willing to confront the things that need to change. God has equipped us with the right ingredients and tools to overcome every situation. Trust in God and his plan for your life, He will never fail you! 

Spiritual Warfare

April 16

Whether you know it or not, there is a spiritual war happening. Ephesians 6:12 says, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and against powers; against the rulers of the darkness.." We must learn our authority in Christ and learn to use our greatest weapons, the name of Jesus, the word of God and the Cross - the ultimate victory! When we align ourselves with God, you are victorious with God!

Resurrection Sunday

April 9

We have so much freedom because of what Jesus did for us. Through his death and resurrection, we have everything that we need. Whatever you need Jesus to be, He will be. If you need peace, he is peace. If you need joy, He is joy. If you need forgiveness, He is forgiveness. Jesus died so that we could have forgiveness for our past, new life today and a hope for a future!

Palm Sunday

April 2

The History of Palm Sunday

The Power of Music

March 26

There is so much power in music, it creates emotional connection and there is something incredible that happens when we worship God. In this message, we look through three different stories in the Bible that show how powerful music can be. We all need to stay in tune and alignment with God and allow our worship to minister to him as he ministers to us. 

Trust The Process

March 26

God is taking us each on a journey of knowing him more and as we move on this journey, God asks us to trust him. Life is a process, there are ups and downs and God doesn’t need you to take multiple steps, He just needs you to take one step and trust that he’s got your back. If you want your tomorrow to look different from today, you have to do something today that will make your tomorrow different. 

The Habit of Excellence

March 19

Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have. This habit teaches us to do our best and allow God to do the rest. In everything that we do, we should bring glory to God. Whether it's for our family, at our job, or talking to others, we must learn how to develop the habit of excellence and allow God to work through us. You can start your journey of excellence today. Watch this message to learn how.

I Still Love The Church

March 12

God loves the Church. We are a part of that Church. It isn't perfect, it can be messy and it may cause some pain, but God loves His people and His Church. We are all called to build His Church. Watch this message from Tauren Wells to learn how you can make a difference in the Church, in the world and for His Kingdom!

Stir It Up

March 12

Adam Drinkard @Louisville

Make That, Break That, Pt. 7

March 5

One of our main motivations in life is the pursuit of happiness. The bible tells us that this is the day that He has made and we will rejoice in it. Happiness is a choice. The habit of happiness helps you learn how to remain joyful regardless of your circumstances. Tune into this message today to learn how to develop happiness in your life today!

Make That, Break That, Pt. 6

Feb. 26

I have been doing a series “Make That Break That” about habits that we need to develop and habits that we need to get rid of in order to live with unlimited possibilities. One of the bad habits we should break is being selfish and self-centered, and the best way to do that is to form the habit of being generous.  

Make That, Break That, Pt. 5

Feb. 19

Do you know what God says about you? Are you confident in who you are in Christ? Join us as we learn the habit of God-fidence and how we can become confident in all that God has called us to. We cannot do it on our own and we need God's help. It's not about having it all together or knowing what steps to take - God-fidence is the habit of learning what God says about you and living out what He says. You can be confident in God today!

Super Sunday

Feb. 12

Four quarters, four speakers. It's all on the line and our speakers brought their A games. Enjoy this play on a super day as we hear an encouraging and uplifting message from our team!

Make That, Break That, Pt. 4

Feb. 5

Our words and thoughts have power. We all have the ability to choose our words and what we allow ourselves to believe. Don’t settle for the reality you have now, start speaking and believing what God’s word says today! And put to practice the habit of speaking and thinking words that are full of God’s purpose for your life! 

Reset, Not React

Jan. 29

Pastor Muta Mwenya of Relevant Church was our guest and brought an amazing word!

So often, our frustration and anger are a reflection of spiritual health. Maybe your new habits, plans and aspirations for this year felt impossible. But there is good news, God’s purpose is still sure despite our indifferences. Listen to this message to learn how we can reset and walk into the purpose that God has for us!

Make That, Break That, Pt. 3

Jan. 22

The easiest way to remove bad habits is to replace them with better ones. Faith is a habit, a daily choice to choose faith! Maybe it's hard for you to believe God and you doubt Him, but developing the habit of faith means that we choose to believe in what God says, even when there is no evidence. Check out this message as we learn how to build a habit of faith in our lives!

Make That, Break That

Jan. 8

New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. It’s the time of year where we reset and create some new goals. The best way to break old habits is to replace them with new and better habits. Make That, Break That is all about how to create long-lasting, healthy and life-changing happens. Imagine what it would look like this year if you created all new habits that put God first?

Unlimited Possibilities

Jan. 1
I want to declare this is a year of Unlimited Possibilities. When a woman is pregnant, for the first few months, she doesn't look any different. She's the same size, wears the same clothes, and has the same amount of energy. From the outside, there's no sign that she's going to have a baby, and if you just look at her naturally, you could think, "You're not pregnant, there's nothing different about you".

The Center Peace

Dec. 25
Nativity scenes are a beautiful way for us to remember Jesus' birth. In fact, it's hard to have a nativity where Jesus isn't the center of it. And just like the nativity, God wants to be at the center of our lives, our hearts, our relationships. It's never too late to put God at the center. Watch this message to learn how.

The Rhythm of Christmas

Dec. 18

Jesus is the heartbeat of Christmas. He is the Rhythm of Christmas. In the same way that a drummer keeps the rhythm for a band, God helps to keep the rhythm of our hearts. It can be so easy to just walk through the motion of life or even the holiday season, but when we allow God to lead the rhythm of our life, we find that there is more peace, more joy and more hope. Lean into God and allow him to lead you!

Make A Difference

Dec. 11

We are called to make a difference. Have you allowed yourself to stop pursuing your purpose? Don’t allow your excuses to stop your calling. You can start TODAY. You can take a step towards God today. Tune in now to learn how.

IMagINe Sunday

Dec. 4

When we do our part, God does his. As we head into the new year, we are full of vision, faith and expectation for all that God is going to do in 2023. Imagine what we can do.. together!

Heart For The House

Nov. 27

A heart for God’s kingdom is a heart for the world, for the community and for the house. God has created each of us with our own gifts and abilities and like a puzzle, we all fit together to create God’s kingdom. God is aligning all the pieces, he is fulfilling his purposes - Will you join in and be a part of it? 

God Is Our Source

Nov. 20

The journey to generosity is letting go of our way of doing things and doing things God’s way. Learning to trust God with our finances, our jobs, our families is the biggest lesson we can learn. Watch this message to learn how to start your journey to a generous life - An exceedingly, abundantly, over and above life!

Mission: Possible

Nov. 13

When was the last time you told someone your story? Have you stopped to listen to someone else's story recently? We tend to move through life quickly and never stop to really live in the moment. Sometimes all it takes is one story, one encouragement, one invitation to see someone's life changed. Join us as we learn some key ways to accomplish our mission!

Vision Sunday 2022

Nov. 6

It’s Vision Sunday and we’re looking forward to all that we can accomplish together in this new year. Tune in to hear all that we were able to do in ‘22 and what we’re believing for in ‘23! We are better together!

Mindset Matters, Pt. 6

Oct. 30

Success isn't having a nice car or an established career. Success is becoming who you were meant to be and living out your God-given potential. Tune into this message as we learn the keys to discovering your potential and how to allow God's word to transform our mindset. If you change your thinking, you can change your world!

Mindset Matters, Pt. 5

Oct. 23

Coach Dave continued this amazing series on changing our mindsets, based on his book, "Mindset Matters". Romans, 12:2 has been the foundational passage for this series. It reads “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Mindset Matters, Pt. 4

Oct. 16

Coach Dave continues in our series, Mindset Matters, and taught on how we can see lasting change in our lives. Change always follows choices and it starts with us facing the truth, creating new thoughts, a strong community and the Holy Spirit. It is a powerful message we know that it will bless you.


Oct. 9

Don’t miss this message from our special guest, Pastor Jonathan Brozozog from Creative Church. We all face difficulties and can find ourselves lost in the pain. God wants to cleanse you and remove your iniquities. He is not distant to in your struggles, He is right there with you. 

Mindset Matters, Pt. 3

Oct. 2

We had the best Sunday with YOU! Coach continued in our series, Mindset Matters and we talked about the areas in our life that seem so hard to change. It all starts with our thinking. Tune into this message to learn how to practically change your thinking and in turn, change your world.

Mindset Matters, Pt. 2

Sept 25

We continued in our series, Mindset Matters and it was powerful. The bible talks so much about how our mentality can affect our reality. What you let in, will come out. Don't miss this message as Coach shares how to reset your mindset and key ways to change your thoughts each day. It will encourage and help you!

A Purpose That Will Inspire You

Sept 18

We were so honored to have Pastor Brian Houston as our guest speaker and he shared a powerful message on purpose. God has created you, called you and graced you for purpose. What God has spoken to you, the enemy cannot take it away. Be encouraged today, that God's purpose for your life stands firm.

Mindset Matters

Sept 11

Coach Dave began a new series based on his latest book, Mindset Matters. Change Your Mind, Change Your World.

Promise Over Problem

Sept 4
Coach Dave reminds us of the promises of God. We can always look to a promise of God to encourage us to overcome any problem we face.

hearing God, Pt. 4

Aug 28
Coach Dave cwraps up this powerful series encoruaging us to TUNE IN to God and TUNE OUT the things that oppse God.

hearing God, Pt. 3

Aug 21
Coach Dave continues the series, speaking to the ways God can whisper to us. We have to be able to hear the still small voice of God.

hearing God, Pt. 2

Aug 14
Pastor Dave Lomansey, Jr. continues the series, Hearing God.

hearing God

Aug 7
Coach Dave begins a new series teaching us how to Hear God. As we begin 21 Days of Prayer, it's important to know how to block out the noise and hear the voice of God.

You Matter!

July 31
Our special guest, Pastor Phil Munsey brought an encouraging word about knowing who we are in Christ. Have you taken time to think about the fact that you matter? Your life has a purpose. God is working but everything He does on the earth, He does it through his people.

The Cloud - Downloading Rebekah

July 24
As in previous weeks, with focus on Rebekah, let’s identify what she might have to say to us as a member of the great cloud of witnesses who are cheering us on watching us run our race. I think Rebekah would tell us to give generously to others. “Invest your life in others. Be generous with your hugs, your time, your attention. Spend time every day to give to others.”

The Cloud - Downloading Abraham

July 17
As we continue accessing the Cloud, and learning from the hall of fame of biblical icons, we look at the example of faith that Abraham was, He learned to completely trust God that He would always do the right thing. Let this message encourage you today, and remind you that God always does the right thing for you.

The Cloud - Downloading Samson

July 10
In Hebrews 11, we have a list that we call the Hall of Fame of Faith. In Hebrews 12, these heroes of faith are referred to as a great cloud of witnesses. If these people are considered to be “Hall of Famers”, “Heroes of the Faith”, let’s take a minute and drill down on one of these witnesses. Let’s find out what he has to say to us. I want to look at what Samson would say to us.

The Cloud - Noah

July 3
Coach began a new series called The Cloud. We are so used to to storing and downloading things to and from the "the cloud" in this day and age. So with that in mind, this week we download Noah. Noah is a great example of someone who made a difference in for his family, his generation and God.

Go After The Prodigals

June 26
As Summer Daze kick off at Motor City Church, Coach brought a word about going after the prodigals. Let this message encourage you today. "We all know people that used to be strong in their faith. They used to be in church, excited about God. You’d see them week after week, serving, giving, helping others but somewhere along the way they fell off course. They got discouraged, they went through a disappointment, a divorce, a sickness, or they made poor choices, now they feel guilty, condemned like they don’t belong. We have a responsibility to help bring that person back. You don’t have to tell them all they’re doing wrong. Don’t condemn them. Just tell them three simple things, “We miss you, we need you, we love you.” Coach Dave

The Story I'll Tell

June 19
Throughout the bible, there are tons of stories that we can learn from and apply to our lives. They remind us that God's word is true and always on time, that God is the God of more than enough and that when we are waiting for a miracle, we need to keep our faith strong!

Closer, Pt. 3

June 12
Coach Dave completes this powerful series on worship entitled Closer. This week, coach looks at what happens when we worship. Our worship REFOCUSES our attention, REMINDS us who is in charge, RELEASES our faith and so much more!

Closer, Pt. 2

June 5
Coach Dave continued this powerful series on worship entitled Closer. This week, we look at the 7 Hebrew words for praise. Let this message encourage and empower you to explore the many different expressions of our praise to God.


May 29
Coach began a new series called "Closer", on the importance of our worship and why we worship. It's not about us. It's about God and doing what we were created to do. It's our privilege to honor Him with our expressive worship.

Miracles In The Mundane

May 22
Pastor Christine brought an incredible word on Praying Circles. There is so much power in our words + we are able to pray + prophecy over our children, our futures and our callings. No matter where you find yourself in life, this word is for YOU!

Praying Circles

May 15
Coach & Pastor Christine brought an incredible word on Praying Circles. There is so much power in our words + we are able to pray + prophecy over our children. Whether you're a parent or not, this word is for YOU!

Mother's Day!

May 8
Coach Dave shared on how to honor our parents. The bible teaches us to honor our parents and promises that when we do, things will go well for us & we will live a long life.


May 1
We need to become spiritually mature to make forward progress in our faith so we can show others the way and be a blessing to those closest to us. We know that a tree is healthy and thriving by its green leaves, fruit and its growth over the years. The fact that we are achieving new heights and withstanding the storms of life is confirmation that our roots are growing deeper and we are progressing toward maturity. Spiritual growth occurs through personal study of the Bible and through messages we hear and read. We are transformed by the Word of God.

The Journey, Pt. 5

April 24
God wants us to have our own resurrection and in order to experience a resurrection, we have to experience death. Coach brought a powerful on how we can die to our self, our flesh and the world. The ultimate life is waiting for you on the other side.

The Journey, Pt. 4

April 17
Coach wrapped up our series, "The Journey!" In order to start the journey, we have to know God - God is not looking at your actions & deeds, He is looking for your heart. When you fall in love with Jesus, being faithful to Him is easy.

The Journey, Pt. 3

April 10
Coach continued the series, "The Journey" and brought a powerful message regarding the price Jesus paid for us. Jesus paid too high of a price for us to settle for less than what He intends for us.

The Journey, Pt. 2

April 3
Coach continued in our series, "The Journey" and brought a powerful message on discovering your purpose. God created each of us ON purpose and FOR a purpose. It's time for us to step through the open doors and into God-given opportunities! Don't stay stuck, God has more for you!

The Journey

Mar 27
Coach Dave started a brand new series called, "The Journey!" We are all on a journey and long for what's next in life. However, you cannot start The Journey without knowing where you are going.

Discovering Your Purpose

Mar 20
This coach shares a powerful message about discovering your purpose. We are all created with a purpose and a calling. You don't decide your purpose, you discover it. Listen to this message to learn how to discover the purpose God has for you!

A Cathedral Mindset

Mar 13
Did you know that some of the biggest cathedrals in the world have taken centuries to build? Buildings like these need vision that goes beyond the here and now. teaches how vision keeps you focused, fueled and helps you finish well!

Be Salty!

Mar 6
Coach encourages us to Be Salty! It's as simple making connections with people to spread the love of Jesus. Even just a simple invite to church or ahub group is all it takes to the salt of the earth the bible calls us to be.

Victorious Secrets. Pt. 4

Feb. 27
Coach continued the series speaking to how technology affects our relationships. Our phones are amazing technology and helps us engage in a very productive manner, but they also distract and can hinder healthy connections with our spouses, friends and family.

Victorious Secrets. Pt. 3

Feb. 21
Pastor Steve brought a powerful word on the Secrets to Building Your Home. The reality is that storms and challenges will happen in our relationships, but we must build a solid foundation, make the right choices, speak the right words and be intentional. Whether you're married, single, a parent or grandparent, this message is for YOU...

Victorious Secrets. Pt. 2

Feb. 14
Covenants aren't just for when everything is goin good, covenants keep the interest of the other person in mind, they surrender rights and assumes responsibility. The greatest relationship is when two servants love each other.

Victorious Secrets

Feb. 7
In this new series it's all about relationships and how to win in every relationship. Coach speak to how we won't have great relationships until we commit to it.

God Encounters, Pt. 4

Jan 31
In this new series it's all about relationships and how to win in every relationship. Coach speak to how we won't have great relationships until we commit to it.

God Encounters, Pt. 3

Jan 24
We all experience bad days and periods of pain and loss, but in our darkest days, God stands close to us. It is when we walk through pain and troubles that God is working to reveal something within us!

God Encounters, Pt. 2

Jan 20
What are you saying about yourself? What past mistakes have you let define you? Don't miss this message as Coach talks about developing a God-Confidence. A confidence that allows us to see ourselves the way that God sees us! Maybe you've been viewing yourself through the mirror of failure or maybe the mirror of inferiority - God is the only one with an accurate story of you! He says you are my child, you are called, you are loved and valuable - And God is NOT done with you! Be encouraged to day that there is nothing too difficult for our God!

God Encounters

Jan 16
What are you wrestling with? Is it your past? Your Secrets? So many of us wrestle with who we thought we were versus who God has called us to be! Whether you realize it or not, we all are wrestling in some area of our life - Watch this message now and Coach will give you the practical ways to move past the wrestle and into a God Encounter!