The Stories I'll Tell

There are so many great stories in the Bible. They are pleasant to read and interesting to study for many different reasons. Today, we are going to highlight a few and identify a takeaway for each. In I Samuel 1, Elkanah and Hannah, after being barren for years and praying desperately for a child, gave birth to Samuel. Fulfilling a promise they had made to God, they dedicated and gave Samuel to the Lord. He was given to the Lord under the care of Eli and was raised in the temple and ultimately served God his whole life.

Your kids are God’s kids. They are yours to watch and raise but they belong to the Lord. In those spiritual moments when they are struggling, when you are struggling, do your very best with them, teaching them in the way they should go and asking for wisdom as you do. In Genesis 37, Joseph, son of Jacob (the third patriarch of Israel), was the most beloved of Jacob. Out of twelve sons, Jacob loved Joseph most. He was the recipient of a beautiful robe as proof of the love of his father. He was loved by his father, but hated by his brothers. It didn’t help when he told his brothers about his dreams that he would rule over them. They hated him even more for it and sold him into slavery, telling his father he was killed by a wild animal. David also has a lot of brothers as told in I Samuel 16 & 17. Samuel was sent by God to anoint the next king of Israel, one of Jesse’s sons. All the boys were called in for this coronation moment…but David was not invited. Samuel had to ask Jesse if he had more sons. His dad didn't include him in the party. He was left out. Some of us feel like we've failed as parents or been failed as children.

People can't keep you from your purpose. Joseph saved his whole family even though he had been a slave and David saved the armies of Israel by killing Goliath. They were both used to ultimately save the nation of Israel. They each accomplished what God called them to do in spite of their disadvantages. Your past can't keep you from your purpose.You and your kids are created with purpose for a purpose and God is the keeper of that purpose. In the New Testament in John 4:46, Jesus traveled to Galilee. While there, He was asked by an official from Capernaum to come heal his son. After speaking with the official, Jesus declared his son was healed. The man believed Jesus and started on his way home, finding out from his servants who met him on the road that his son was well. Together, they established that the boy was healed the moment Jesus spoke it. As a result the whole family was saved. God's word is true and always on time. Stay in faith. In John 6:5, a huge crowd of people followed Jesus and the crowd grew hungry. Philip is no help. He just repeats the problem. Andrew finds a little food but is not sure what to do with it except bring it to Jesus. Jesus tells everyone to sit down and then blesses the food. God wants to bless you and provide for you, but He will do it through your obedience. As the disciples passed out the food, there was more than enough. The people ate as much as they wanted. And they gathered the leftovers, twelve baskets of leftovers! God is the God of more than enough. He will supply all of your needs.

Jairus’ 12 year old daughter and the woman with the issue of blood are in the next story from Mark 5:36. Jesus is on his way to heal Jairus’ daughter and a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years, grabs His hem in the pressing crowd. He stopped and asked who touched him. Power had gone out from Him. The woman was made well by her faith. Meanwhile Jairus’ daughter dies. It seemed the woman got what she needed but Jairus did not. But, there was no need for fear. Just faith. When you're waiting for your miracle, keep your faith strong. Be patient. Celebrate others. It's all about what God wants to do in and through you. Jesus goes to Jairus’ home, removes everyone except a few disciples and her parents and commands the girl to get up. Jesus brings life back. What if Jairus refused to let Jesus come back to the house after that initial disappointment? He would have missed it! But he activated his faith by still making his way with Jesus and welcoming Jesus into his home. God works in these moments in amazing ways, in and through us, changing us and changing those around us.

The last story I want to highlight today is in Mark 9:17. One of the fathers in a crowd brought his son who had seizures because of demonic possession. The disciples couldn't help this family. They were faithless at this moment. When Jesus approached, the demon threw the boy into convulsions because the devil and Jesus can't dwell in the same place. These seizures had been happening since the boy was small. The father calls on Jesus and asks for mercy and help if He could. Jesus declares that anything is possible to him who believes. The father proclaims he believes but asks for help to believe more. Jesus rebukes the devil and the boy collapses. He appeared dead, but Jesus touched him and then helped him up. Anything Jesus touches comes to life and does not die.

Your kids are God’s. People can't keep you from your purpose. God's word is true and always on time. God is the God of more than enough. When you're waiting for your miracle, keep your faith strong. Anything Jesus touches comes to life and does not die.

Todays the day. Come into the freedom God has for you. Take what is broken and damaged and bring it to Jesus. Surrender all you are and all you have to God. He will keep you. He will bring you into the purpose He designed you for. He is never late and He is always more than enough. Activate your faith and know that when Jesus is in the house, there is life.
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