What an incredible week it has been in my church! God has done amazing things in the past year and a half since Trinity in Louisville became part of our Motor City Church family. Our vision has once again expanded as we merge with Royal City Church locally, because we know we are better together. The pastors at our Troy and Louisville campuses, as well as other leaders who have reached out to us to celebrate with us, believe this is an incredible kingdom move

We know that God’s word says unity brings the commanded blessing of God (Psalm 133). We want God‘s hand and blessing upon this ministry, and we want God‘s hand and blessing upon each person and family here. Wherever you are and whatever church you may be a part of, unity is critical. We may not agree on everything but we can still choose unity. No matter where you attend church, find a place where you can be in unity. 

As we transition here at Motor City Church, we need grace for each other and we need to communicate. Just like in a new marriage, we need to get to know each other. Whatever change  you may be experiencing, stay curious about those who are on that journey with you and build relationships. It will be pretty amazing as you actually do life together.  Remember, people won’t always get it right. Use those moments of misunderstanding and mistakes to deepen relationships. Ask. Communicate. Care. 


Be salt and light to your world, and those that you influence. Tell people what God is doing in your life and in your church and how He is working through relationships, how He is changing you and challenging you. Be obedient to God and open your eyes to His blessings. Then, tell those around you.

Anytime there’s a transition and change, some people are excited and some people are not.   Change is part of life. You are not the same person today as you were this time last year. We all learn and grow. But, even though we know that change is inevitable, transition can be challenging. We get comfortable with the way things are. Familiar surroundings are easier and we would rather stay in that place of comfort than change for the better. God has bigger plans for you. Allow expansion, adapt and stretch to embrace new things. It’s hard because we cannot see what is ahead. We cannot see the future, but we can trust the One who does.

When you are in a time of change and uncertainty, you need people around you. We are made to live in community and do life with others. I challenge you to surround yourself with people who build you up, who are for you. Pour into them as well. Encourage each other when discouragement is threatening. Building relationships are critical for the church, for your community, and for your family. Times of transition and uncertainty bring us together and allow our relationships to grow and strengthen. 

In the end, God is going to build His church and we must understand, it can’t be about us. It’s got to be about those who are out there, who need to know what Jesus did for them. The church is the hope of the world. We are the only organization that exists for the benefit of its nonmembers.  We must resist the gravitational pull to make it about us.

As you face times of transition in your personal life or in your church like I am in this season, consider these thoughts. Be in unity. Practice grace. Tell people about what God is doing. Embrace the expansions God brings your way, trusting Him to steer you right. Build community by linking arms with those who encourage you and whom you can encourage. And remember, it’s not about you. It is all about those God is setting in your path for kingdom purposes, for His purposes. We are truly better together.