Vision Sunday 2023

At this time of year, I make it a habit to look forward to the coming new year. For me it is a time to envision things I want to see happen and to pray through what God wants me to do. It is also a time to cast vision for my church, the people I serve as pastor. I hope what I have to say today provides wisdom as you look to move forward, no matter where you call home. 

Churches aren’t built on the talent of a few but the sacrifice of many. It takes an amazing team to see a city change and revival come. I’m so grateful for our team down in Louisville and for our team here in Detroit. Motor City Church is in a season of celebration but, even as we celebrate 2023, we look forward to 2024 and ask, “What is our vision, purpose and mission for 2024?” As we share our vision and talk about it, unity forms and unity brings the commanded blessing. 

We just finished a series on personal vision and getting a vision of heaven on earth, but today we’re talking about the vision of our church and where we are headed together. If we don’t have a vision, people will perish, and we know that is not God‘s will for your life or my life.   

In 2 Peter 3:9 we learn that “The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.” Let me just stop and say, “He is a faithful God.” You may ask, “When is He ever going to come through for me?” I don’t know if it’ll be today but I do know this; you are one day closer than you were yesterday from seeing the breakthrough that God wants for your life. That verse goes on to say “instead, He is patient with you.” I am glad that I serve a God who is patient. He didn’t give up on us the first time or the 10th time or the 800th time. He does not want anyone to perish. He doesn’t want our city to perish. He doesn’t want our region to perish. He doesn’t want your children to perish but desires everyone to come to repentance.

So, we’ve got to be reminded again, and refueled again, with our vision and purpose and assignment as a church. We are on a mission. If we don’t understand the vision of where we’re going, we will all end up going our own ways, and the enemy will have an open door to disrupt and divide. With that said, let me be very clear today. We want to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be by bringing them to a place of knowing God, finding freedom, discovering their purpose and making a difference.

Listen, I’m telling you we have not arrived yet. There’s so much further to go, so many more people to bring with us and so much more for us to experience! Different people are in different places in this process, but we all have a next step to take. What is your next step?

Know God. Everyone of us is designed to grow closer to God, to move toward Christ. His purpose for you is to have a relationship with Him. Paul said “I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead” (Philippians 3:10 NLT). You can know God. The resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead is in us and gives life to us. It gives life to dead relationships and dead dreams, to our purpose in life. Learn, grow and worship. Know him more in ‘24. Know his presence more in 2024; more Jesus. 

Find Freedom. At MCC, we’re designing our services for Jesus and we invite people to join us in that experience. We are not designing our services for people and then inviting Jesus. Jesus first. When we lift up Jesus, He will draw people. There is far more in store in 2024, more joy, more peace, more love, more victory. In John 14:6, He tells us “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” As we look to Him, we will look more like Him. 

Discover Your Purpose. If you haven’t gone through Belong and gotten connected, what are you waiting for? As long as there is breath in your lungs you have a purpose. He created you anew in Christ Jesus. If you feel like you’re stagnant, it’s time to get going and do what God has inside of you to do.

Make A Difference. You are not saved by your good works but you are saved to DO good works - to make a difference. We are not consumers but we are on the front line of what God is doing and there is a place for you here.  Stop making excuses and start making a difference. Get outside yourself. 

Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Your Purpose and Make a Difference. At MCC, we have our Heart for the House series coming up the next few weeks which will usher us into our annual IMagINe offering. If you are part of MCC, be praying about what God would have you give as an over and above offering on Sunday, Dec 10th. Then, be praying about who you can invite for Sunday service on Christmas Eve. God can do far more than we can ever imagine. I'm in. Are you? Join us and be part of changing the world