July 17-20, 9-1pm

Register NOW for our Mission Deep Sea Vacation Bible School experience! As a SEA agent in training, you're invited to join our crew of deep sea explorers to explore the deepest depths of the ocean, in search of knowledge about its Creator! Join us as we experience the wonders of creation, face a few challenges, and discover that knowing our Creator doesn’t require a special badge or a submarine. Our faith grows deeper when we spend time with God, spend time with others, use our gifts to serve, and share our stories of faith.


What is Vacation Bible School (VBS)?

Vacation Bible School is a fun and exciting time for kids to learn about Jesus. Our VBS consists of three days and an extra day set aside for some FAMILY FUN! This year’s theme is MISSION: Deep Sea

What time should I drop-off my child?

Check-In & Registration is from 8:00AM to 8:50AM, we will have a team ready to help!

When is pick-up time?

Pick-up time will be 1:00PM!

Will there be breakfast?

No, we will not have breakfast provided. Please have them well fed in the morning, we will have snacks provided for them in the afternoon!  

What should my child bring?

Please have them bring a backpack with a change of clothes (just in case they have too much fun with our water activities!), snacks (if they have certain allergies and you prefer them to have something from home), and a water bottle with their name on it.

What is Family Fun Day?

Family fun day is the last day of VBS where you are encouraged to come and celebrate with us as your kids receive their MISSION: Deep Sea certificates. This will be followed by a FOAM Party with a DJ! Please bring extra clothes with you!

Theme Song

For more details

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