Do The Thing!

We are gearing up for Palm Sunday and Easter. Last week we learned to simply say, “You should come to church with me this Sunday.” Today, I want to challenge you, don’t hesitate. Just do it. Have you been that person who is so awkward about inviting someone to church? You don’t have an issue inviting them to other things. Inviting them to church is no different. It’s a step of faith. Chances are they are wondering why you’ve never said anything. They already know you go to church every Sunday! Invite them! Do the thing. They’re dying for you to invite them. They are literally dying. They need to know Jesus. What better way to love them than to introduce them to Jesus. Their relationship with Jesus will be a perfect match most definitely made in heaven. 

Evangelism is not apologetics or conversion. It’s not a certain personality or gifting even, although there are those that easily evangelize. We are all called to evangelism. It’s simply sharing the gospel by teaching them about Jesus or through our personal witness/story. You can engage in evangelism digitally. Invite them to view our YouTube channel or invite them to church via Instagram. Don’t wait to build relational equity. Grab a printed invitation from your chair and distribute it. Keep in mind, the heart behind all of this is that people need Jesus.They need you to show them the way to Jesus. People won’t always be able to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice. But they can hear yours. God's primary way of reaching people is through you.

Do the thing! Invite your friends. Knock on their door. It's not aggressive. It's love. Don't let the enemy throw you off. Remember, preparing to do the thing is not doing the thing. Scheduling time for it is not doing the thing. Telling people about planning to do the thing is not doing the thing. Do the thing! Do what God is telling you to do. Have you known them for a while and never invited them to church? Embrace the challenge. Here are a few things that will help you.

Pray for the lost specifically. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the people He has for you to invite. Jesus prayed first before identifying his disciples. Pray for Him to show you who needs a loving touch. Who needs prayer? Who can you minister to? Who and when should you talk to them? Acts 1:8 tells us that we have power to be witnesses through the Holy Spirit. The disciples gathered for prayer before going out. Jesus, even on the cross, prayed for his executioners and enemies. Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower you. Your job is to invite and pray for them. Ask God to go before you and pave the way. Did you know even in scientific studies, regular attendance of religious services reduces the rate of mortality due to despair? Women who went to church more than one time per week had 33% healthier results in all areas of health. Going to church is good for you. 

Healing and wholeness is found in Jesus. Do you have friends who are struggling? They need church. Invite them. Think of people who invited you and walked through your faith life with you. Do you love them enough to introduce them to Jesus? Someone has been praying, possibly for years, for the person you’re going to invite. Do the thing.

Proclaim the gospel. With opposition, the disciples preached the gospel. They didn’t study and talk about doctrine and spend time comparing religions. They just went out proclaiming the gospel. Speak life to people. Don’t focus on yourself. Focus on those whom God places in your path. You don’t have to go alone. It is easier to go with another. Go with a group. Practice evangelism. Do it over and over again. Get past the barriers that keep you from evangelizing. Romans 10:15 says you can only preach when you are sent, beautiful are the feet of him who brings good news. Feet carry the gospel - good news, salvation, good tidings that Jesus has paid for our sins and made a way for us to come into God’s presence without reservation. Jesus' feet were beautiful as ours are when we carry the gospel. The authority, power and gifting to witness is in us but the willingness is our choice. Consult with the Holy Spirit and then do what He says.

Persevere in teaching and example. Not everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Remember, getting them to believe is not your job. As we lift Jesus up, He draws people to Himself. Share your faith and then ask sincere questions out of genuine interest. Give them your testimony. Everyone is welcome. After you’ve shared, don’t grow weary. Jesus didn’t stop. Not everyone will accept. Dust it off and move on to the next. If they aren’t open to coming to church, invite them to a small group or coffee. Create a space for coming and being a part. 

There’s a story of a man who was on his way home from work. As he got in the elevator, he felt the Holy Spirit was directing him to go back and talk to one of his co-workers. He knew the guy was an atheist but he obeyed and got out of the elevator to invite him to church. After his invitation was rejected, he asked the Lord about it - perplexed at the clear directive he’d received even though the guy was emphatically not interested. Five years later, the man had taken a position at his church as a pastor. After his sermon one Sunday, a man came forward and told him that he was the reason he was in church. He had been a janitor and had overheard the invitation to the atheist. He’d heard the gospel and had become an active follower of Christ as a result. You may never fully understand why God asks you to do something. Just do it. Go and share. People are lost and messy but God cares for each of them. Do not wait or hesitate. Galatians 6:9 exhorts us not to grow weary. Keep training. Keep teaching. Keep reaching out. Even though they have said no, invite them one more time. Don’t grow weary.

Patiently wait on God. 1 Timothy 2:4-5 teaches that there is one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity—the man Christ Jesus. Does the possibility of a positive response from that person you are praying for seem hopeless? The power is in God's plan, so wait on Him. 

Pray for the lost, proclaim the good news, persevere and patiently wait. Jesus is the mediator. He’s the go between. A real relationship with Jesus changed your life. Give them an opportunity to experience this change. Go out and as you hear the Holy Spirit direct you, do what He tells you to do. Invite them into a relationship with Jesus. Invite them to church this Easter. Do the thing.