Fulfill Your Calling

As some have said, ‘A career is what you are PAID to do, but a calling is what you were MADE to do.’ At Motor City Church we have engineers who volunteer with our Parking Lot team and we have Kidz volunteers who are accountants and communications specialists. When you find your calling and start operating in that calling, there is satisfaction that brings a sense of fulfillment like nothing else. In addition, your calling builds God's house and this is what makes a difference in our church, our city, and our world. Your calling is a central piece to what God wants to do in this world. 


The church almost collapsed at the beginning when people weren't serving. We find the account in Acts 6:1-4. This was a pivotal point in church history. Instead of a church that changed the world, it almost became a food program. But because of foresight, the church survived and thrived as seven men took on the food program so the apostles could work to pray and teach the Word. By fulfilling their calling, these seven men focused on a detail that was needed and others were able to contribute with their own callings which resulted in an established, functioning ministry that impacted all of history. Their CALLING allowed the Gospel to CONTINUE. We are in partnership with God and as we respond to our calling, the next wave of God’s plan can surface. 


Let me tell you four facts about the future of God’s plan:


  1. You have a part to play. When you believe ministry is only done by professionals, people who are paid staff, you forfeit your calling and frustrate God's plan for you. Ephesians 4:11-12 teaches us that Jesus gave gifts to the church in the form of apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Then it explains, these have the responsibility to equip God’s people to do the work of the ministry. Paid ministers and staff are there to help you fulfill your purpose
  2. You have to play your part. It’s time to step up. We've got a high unemployment rate in the church. The only way to ACTIVATE your calling is to DEACTIVATE your excuses. Excuses will keep you from the extraordinary things God wants to do through you. Don’t let age keep you from making a difference. You are not too young and you are not too old. You will always be busy. And everyone has failed in the past. Proverbs 24:16 says the godly fall but get back up again. You'll never be content until you create a space to live out your calling. God’s not looking for ability. He's looking for availability. Serving helps build God's house. Put away excuses. The church needs you.
  3. Your part is essential for the church to build its destiny. I bet the seven guys who took on the food program in Acts never grasped the gravity of what they did. The youth leader from my high school years was faithful to teach God’s word to our youth group. Six men from that group went into ministry. I am sure he never realized the impact he was having on the body of Christ. As we serve, we may not feel like we are doing something essential but we are. 
  4. Every part requires a servant’s heart. According to Matthew 20:28, Jesus measures greatness by service. These seven in Acts who willingly picked up this ministry to the widows did not care about being seen. Forget about being famous. Go for being fruitful. Don’t worry about getting credit for what you’ve done. Focus on glorifying God. Like the off-duty fireman who saved a woman’s life by pulling her from a burning car, help pull people from a life that does not know God and from eternal separation. Fulfilling your calling helps pull people from the fire. Go for eternal rather than earthly reward. You're going to give your life for something. Service is the pathway to real significance.


Make a difference today. Our Belong class at Motor City Church includes a gift assessment. Come and find out what your gifts are. If God can use anything He chooses, He can use you! Find out where there is a need and use your gifts for God’s purposes.